Thursday, September 13, 2007


On the note of the road blockade, a group of supporters arrived on the train today to help and support.

On a side note - This evening was meet the teacher, the school got only about 25 parents (between all grades). They came, had coffee, I spoke to the one couple who's son I taught. Of course he was one of the best students and was skipped ahead two years ago. Then the parents came to the gym, we say in a circle and all introduced ourselves. Then the secondary parents got a review of school policies and a plea to help us support these efforts (but they were the good parents). Next there was coffee and cookies, and a draw for 1 of 3 certificates for gas. In the past they gave out bingo cards to encourage parents to come, but we voted against the idea of supporting gambling.

Anyway, that explains why I was at the school until 8:00pm. So on the way home, the blockade, was in full swing. They had about 15 men, a giant fire and huge cement blocks. They then stopped the bus (the short bus) and asked us what we were doing. Then let us through. It was strange, we waved on the way by to show our support. They are in fact blocking the outfitters from using the main road to the hunting grounds. But, as I found out, the outfitters have many other ways to get to the rounds. Oh well.

Tomorrow is Caribou day. The teachers that dare to cross the area that is blocked can go hunt, while the rest of us have a PED day. They of course have to make the day up on a later Saturday, but still several are going. I wish them luck.

On a lighter note, and I say that metaphorically, we got our first snowfall yesterday. The snow started falling on the drive home. I had a nap, and by 9:00pm we had about 5cm on the ground. Then this morning it was still snowing and looked like a winter wonderland. It was the 12th of September. I woke up and would have sworn it was December. Actually, one of the teachers from NFLD got on the bus and jokingly wished us all a Merry Christmas. It was very different.

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