Monday, September 10, 2007


Two concerns.
1. The water in Kawawa is under a boil order. We were not told this until the beginning of school and so several of the teachers had already gotten their glass of water for first period and taken several mouthfuls. Others had tea or coffee that had not been boiled for the recommended 5 minutes. All of these teachers were feeling ill on the way home. I had been very upset that I had forgotten my water glass at home, but it wound up being a blessing in disguise. Have I mentioned that the school doesn't have substitutes. If a teacher is sick/ unavailable (like a doctors appointment) the students are sent home for the hour.

2. There seems to be hostility brewing. The Montaigne (who live in Schefferville) have set up a barricade to prevent the outfitters, campers and outside hunters from getting to the major lake because in recent years they have been scaring off the Caribou. I got only part of the explanation on the way home, but it had something to do with the hunters coming in to the lake by water planes which scare the Caribou far into the bush. Some have said that the large (1.5mx 3m) cement slabs are just the beginning. They already have tents set up. A rumor suggests that they may try to block THE ROAD; that is the one road that connects us to the school. I hope all goes peacefully and quietly.

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Kennie said...

Ahh welcome to the wonderful world of politics Joe! Look at it this way, if y'all are blocked from getting to the school to educate their children, take the day off - it's their loss.

I imagine things will calm down there in a little bit - let's just hope that your RCMP don't aggravate them in anyway (considering past experiences if you've been watching TV lately).

Boil order eh? that sucks. I boil everything up here even though were not under a boil order. Take it as it comes.. all will work out in the end.