Sunday, September 2, 2007

I ate Rudolph...

Well, I tried something new tonight. I went to Lyndon's, because he had been given a few caribou stakes by our fellow teachers. He cooked them up as a lovely meal for me, Francois himself and Atlas (the St Bernard).

I was cautious, having seen the stakes in the vacuum packet bag, filled with dark red blood. But they looked similar to beef after being prepared. And, unlike moose, which has a seperate and distinct texture and taste, caribou is just like beef. In fact, the two would be indistinguishable.

So for the record, I have eaten (and enjoyed) caribou. Also known as reindeer. Sorry Rudolph.

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Anonymous said...

Caribou is actually leaner and has more vitamins (ask the people at McGill) than beef, and is much better for you (and I miss it).