Saturday, August 18, 2007

My classroom

This is it, my first classroom where I will have my first home room (sec 5) of which several will go on to graduate! I'm excited to meet my class. My schedule looks great. We have a 7 day cycle with 5 classes per day. in a cycle I have Sec 5 English 11 times, Sec. 4 History 9 times, Sec 1 Art 2 times, Sec 2 art 2, remediation once and 10 prep periods (one each day and sometimes 2). I was amazed because we get so few preps in NB (like one/ day). Everything looks good, and my fingers are crossed :)
The one thing that is not in the pictures is the filing cabinet. Being the organized person I am, I spend the greater part of two days reviewing the files and folders inside. I discarded anything that I could not use and made room for tests and files to come. I labeled the now empty folders and worked long and hard to get things the way I wanted. This seemed important to me, to be organized from the very start. That is why on day one, when the key I was given didn't work in the cabinet I went to the VP's office and gut the proper key.
Yesterday, my room looked wonderful, the files and extra boxes had been thrown out and the place looked clean and orderly, so I took these photos. Shortly after the teacher across the hall came to ask if the cabinet I had was my own. Forgetting momentarily that I had needed a different key I replied: " I think so, why?"
He told me that he could not get into the cabinet in his room, so it wasn't his. And so, satisfied my my response, he continued on his search. It wasn't 5 seconds after he left that the notion of what I had done hit me...
I had gone through his lessons, tests and texts and organized them, discarded what I couldn't used and placed the books from within onto my shelves. Oops.
He finally returned and I told him that I had his cabinet, he did not seemed bothered by my rearranging and discarding of his things (thank goodness) and we had a laugh at my waste of time. Then, out of curiosity I wondered over to his room to look at the cabinet that was to be mine. It is an even bigger mess. But has slightly more applicable materials than the cabinet of the sec 3 teacher from across the hall.

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