Saturday, August 25, 2007

I see with me little eyes...

Well, the town is overrun my dogs. They are the constant. I have had dogs pawing at my classroom window as I try to work, and see gangs of them as I make my way to work. They always seem to be playing though, so they keep me happy.

Then, on Friday, I saw my first first real signs of nature (well kinda). As I waited for the bus I noticed a little blackish rodent running around in the parking lot across from my place. Then it crossed the street, jumping cutely down the cement edges. I commented that I thought I was seeming a chubby little mouse, but was told it was a shrew (like from the episode of the Simpson's where Homer and Mr. Burns get buried in the cabin...).

Then, on the way home on the bus, we say a red fox (much like the one in the pic) that was jumping through the woods.

Other than not seeing the Canadian flag regularly (like across the road from my old place, in Mr. Lee's window), I miss squirrels. There are no squirrels up here. It's strange. I have never lived in a place where I didn't see the occasional squirrel (Moncton has few, but some).

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Anonymous said...

There are actually quite a few squirrels in the area. However, you won't find any near Schefferville or Kawawachikamach; you'll have to go out into the bush.

There is an old Naskapi tradition that a young hunter's first kill should be a squirrel, and to then work his way up from there.

Then, as you noticed, there are the dogs... and they get hungry...