Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hard work I tell ya...

Today was the first day of classes. It was decided that it would only be a half day (go till lunch), so the students would only have three periods. Lucky me, I had preps for the first two classes. Then I had my secondary five English class third period. I had been nervous to prepare a room full of students to take the exiting exam, but figured I would do fine. The bell rang, and my first student walked through the door, had a seat, and started the questionnaire I had prepared for the class. Five minutes went by, and I found the principal in the hall and asked him where the rest of my students were (having expected 9-14). He said the lists still weren't ready, but that he would finish them now and try to get me more students. So I pulled up a chair and started to get to know my student. Faculty are called by first name, so it was kind of like being at ELP. About 35 minutes into the class the principle came back with a girl and said "that will be about it." Knowing that several students missed the day because they went shopping in Sept Illes I asked "how many more should there be?" The principals reply was "one". That's right! I have a class of three. So much for diverse, opinionated discussions or worrying about having enough books. Then the two students chattered back and forth in Naskapi. Which I am hearing far more than French, so who knows, I may pick it up.
Tomorrow will be another day I'm sure. I have sec. 4 history and art with the sec 2 a's. Which I'm told stands for academic (b for Bad). So right now I feel a little spoiled.

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Kennie said...

Hey Joe

your community looks pretty similar to mine (have pics up now)... only diff is that you have grass and what looks like paved roads.

I finally finished setting up my classroom tonight (i'll post pics of it tomorrow) ... i'm quite proud of how it turned out - looks like a real elementary classroom :-) (see I can do ass-tant stuff too).

Hope your classes are going ok. I have my first ones tomorrow with the elementary kids in ESL .... should be an interesting day.