Thursday, November 29, 2007

Will I never...

Last Friday, the Newfies had arranged to play Christmas Carols (and Maritime music) at the local restaurant (Bla Bla). During the performance Gean commented that he had to hurry home soon because he had a heart in the oven... "It was from a mighty large chicken"... So I thought nothing of it, its common to hear nonsensical banter. So they finished and we returned to Gean's. And there was in fact a fine smell coming from the over, but it wasn't chicken. The smell was like that of a roast. He promptly turned down the oven and removed a roasting pan. He lifted the top, and I needed to have a seat. It was a heart, and I asked what it was from... a caribou. The round of dark crimson meat was the size of a deflated football. Gean then told the crowd that he had stuffed it will turkey stuffing, so he hoped that it tasted okay. I could not bring myself to try even a sliver, and had to take myself to the smoking room just to get distance between myself and the heart.

The temperatures are dropping fast, its -26 today with the wind-chill, and you can feel it. The cold if different though, its light and dry which in some way makes it more bearable. But I've heard that it’s more dangerous. You don't feel the cold the same way and are more likely to under dress. A few of the Newfies got frostbite last year in only a few minutes while they were shoveling while wearing only thin gloves.

Christmas is right a round the corner =)

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