Monday, November 12, 2007

Arrggg... Why me...

Hello everyone,

I know that it has been a long time, and I assure you that there is a reason. In the third week of October there was a major storm which blew the antennia that controlled the internet away (like it went missing in the snow). Anyway, the guy that controlled the thing found the antennia and put it back on the roof in the hope that all would be fixed… but it wasen’t. He then went on a trip to Sept-Iles (I guess as a vacation for having put the antennia back up), and was informed that the net was still not working. So he came back this week to find out that it is a problem with the server (I think that’s what I heard). Anyway, he isn’t sure if he can fix it, and the buisness doen’t do well, so I don’t think he is motivated enough to fix it.

The luck thing (if you could say it), is that the net was a pay as you go system, and I needed to buy more hours before this started. But there are talks that he may be reimbursing some of the money (which means he has given up…).

Unfortunitly, the only working connections are here at the school and they are super strick on usage (15 minutes each day plus lunch). I have wanted to update the blog on the snow, Halloween and my recent snowmobile trip, but have been unable to. I’m looking of a solution to my problem, but so far the best is to buy a 300$ satillite and pay 50$ a month… not something that I want to do if I only stay a year… That reminds me to mention that the place is growing on me. Now that the snow is falling, and I can’t see the garbage everywhere, the place looks nicer. The kids are a little better now that the really bad ones are kicked out, and some have been sent to jail or juvie.

So, I figure that either the internet is fixed by Friday, or I start using a lunch hour a week to updat those that care… Fingers crossed that I can do this from home,

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Rami said...


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