Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a little cold...

Today I experienced the coldest temperature so far... -50 with the wind chill.
The Sec. 4 and 5 exiting exams started today (hence a large reason why I have been a shut in). Because of the temperature, classes were delayed an hour for all students except those with exams. Today was French (am and pm) so the only class I would have had to have taught would have been Sec. 1 art, but afternoon classes were then canceled because the weather hadn't warmed up. But still the poor Secondary 4 and 5 students had to make their way back here to take their 5-7 minute French oral exam.

What this has actually meant is that I have the time I need to plan a new term of English and Economics (which includes learning economics). Things are going okay. My early worries lied with the fact the we are writing our exams a week behind the ministry. That means I have to mark 10 short answer and an essay for each history student, then record their grades on a scantron sheet with the answers to their multiple choice questions and send them in to be scanned and calculated. The English exams consist of two essays (total 1200 words) and a response, which also have to be marked by the end of the week and results sent in. There are no turn around days... so the new term starts Thursday, so classes and term plans have to me planned and ready to go.

The best news is that the temperatures are to be like this all week. I have to give the English exam tomorrow and history Wednesday (fingers crossed) I may get to finish planning.

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Kennie said...

Joe! You're Alive!!!!

and -60 .. psha .. that isn't cold! that's a walk in the park up here! as long as you wear your two layers of thermal long johns, under a pair of fleece joggers, under a pair of windproof fleece lined ski pants ... and of course your goose down parka with the snorkle hood pulled right out so all you see are your eyes (if you're lucky), Weather up here has been just as cold as you .. it's the windchill that kills us all. -60 with the windchill is not a nice feeling walking to school.